Text 12 Apr April Showers Bring Depression

Ello ladies and gents, S.C. here! (Saint Cameron, not South Carolina. Lovely place, but I can’t speak on behalf of the state) I thought I’d give you a glimpse into the future on what’s going down for the month of April. We have no podcast this week and a slight chance none next week due to our lives being so awesome we can’t one (that was a lie…). But if we don’t have one next week, we’ll do a double header, serving up twice the awesome. Stay tuned people! - S.C.

Text 27 Mar Episode 20 is now out!

Episode 20 is now live on site…but what about episode 19 you say. Well I do have to apologize for that, but I forgot to announce that one to you dear listeners. It was out but not announced. Episode 19 is on iTunes and 20 shall be soon.

Text 11 Mar Friends, special appearances, and Episode 18

Hello everyone Episode 18 is out for you pleasure listening and we talk about a very anticipated game of this year Mass Effect 3 and we are joined by two dear friends for this podcast Will and Ryan. This is Ryan’s fourth appearance, but this is Will’s first so give him your warm welcome and sit back for this episode, because it’s gonna blow your mind! 

Text 4 Mar Episode 17 Out For Your Enjoyment Today

Episode 17 is ready for take off. Just make sure you fill her back up when your done. Should be in iTunes shortly.

Text 27 Feb Episode 16 In Stores Near You

Sorry for the very late episode everyone. Got caught up with some other things in life. Without further “ado” I present the 16th episode.

Text 19 Feb ZZZ…Hmm Morning?

Sorry for this late release even though it’s super early on Sunday. Episode 15 is out and will be on iTunes sometime soon. Hope everyone is gonna have a beautiful Sunday…I’m gonna go to bed now. Good night everyone!

Text 14 Feb New Reviews!!!

Hey gang! It’s me again! We have 2 new reviews up on the site! Head on over to our newly constructed Reviews column and check out the written review for Bastion and NBA 2K12 written by yours truly. The Darkness II will be finished soon and should be up in a few days when the next upcoming review will be posted. Stay tuned!

- Cameron

Text 11 Feb Episode 14 is Now Alive!

Good evening/night everyone. Just wanted to let you all know that the 14th Episode is out and streaming now. We are expecting it as well as Episode 13 to be on iTunes between Midnight and Noon tomorrow. We’ll keep you informed.

Text 9 Feb Just as promised…

Sorry for the troubles and delay, but we fixed Episode 13 is now live streaming in the podcast section. And will be available on the iTunes marketplace soon! Good day everyone!

Text 27 Jan Double Release!

That’s right you heard correctly, it’s a double release day. Only because our hosting service had a security breech and they were adding new security programs to the servers and we had just now got a chance to deliver last week’s cast. So without any more interruptions…enjoy.

P.S. Should be on iTunes soon!

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